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FabLab for Urban Neighbourhood Design

© Florian Krohm

The themes for industrial and social designer Florian Krohm are participative design approaches and the impact of technology on social structures. Participative design refers to the active involvement of users in the design of a product. The benefit is that ideas and concepts become tailored to people's specific needs. Jospeh Beuys once proposed the theory that everybody is an artist. In participative design, Florian Krohm's  skill is to stimulate and promote the creativity of those involved and to use methodical approaches to enable them to actively shape their environment. This can be effectively supported through the use of modern technologies. Our world has already undergone dramatic change through digitalisation and will continue to do so in future. This makes it even more important to experiment with, communicate and critically examine digital methods. He therefore wants to use his work to examine how the technological achievements of Industry 4.0 can be used to enable people to participate in shaping their city quarter and to establish a form of local, urban production. He decided on Essen's Katernberg quarter as the location to do this due to its high proportion of young people, a large share of migrants, a high percentage of people on benefits as well as the potential and need to creatively shape the future. He wishes to establish a laboratory which is open to the public and enables them to come into contact with technologies such as 3D printing, microcomputers and robotics.

Text: Florian Krohm