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Interesting Times - Exercises in Turmoil

© Stephan Glagla

According to an old Chinese saying, if you dislike someone, you wish them interesting times. May you live in interesting times, is a curse that is intended to torment your counterpart. "Interesting Times" are times that are disturbing, conflictual and crisis ridden, when things can undergo fundamental change and where everything is at stake. We want to go through this turmoil by creating staged, choreographed, scripted and musical arrangements, from individual (performer/audience) bodies into the world and back again. Where is your own turmoil located (in the body)? How does it express itself? Where does it come from? Where is it taking you? To the extremes (of yourself)? Into unknown territory? To upheaval? When turmoil is cast out of us, moments are created that enable insights, moments in which major questions can emerge: How does our turmoil relate to the world? How do we adapt ourselves to it?

Under the authorship and direction of Fabian Lettow and Mirjam Schmuck, Interesting Times is a new production by the kainkollektiv-Ensembles.  During 2017 and beyond, notations and notes on turmoil are emerging – anecdotes, compact stories, personal accounts, records about people, places and events in the Ruhr region. This collection of past and current experiences of turmoil (whether invented, fictionalised documentaries or biographical documentaries) form the basis for an installation that moves between live audio drama, performance, choreography and art exhibition. A space for exercises in turmoil.



26/27 January 2018

Ringlokschuppen Ruhr Mülheim