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Die große Wörterfabrik

© Cinthia Nisiyama

The children’s concert Die große Wörterfabrik [The Big Word Factory] is a musical and dance interpretation of the book of the same name by Agnès de Lestrade and Valeria Docampo. In a city where speech is virtually absent because words are expensive to buy, people are forced to become creative in the ways they communicate with each other. Such as the young boy who is unable to simply use words to express his feelings towards a girl. And he manages to defeat his powerful rival of words in a way not lacking in declarations of love. Sometimes words are unnecessary to express feelings. The interpretation of the "Die große Wörterfabrik" remains close to its literary source. In this production, music is at the centre. Miguel Martin and Joao Luis use music to create poetic images from the original picture book. The dance and stage scenery are intentionally minimalist so as not to overload the delicate narrative. By reducing language, whose essence is rediscovered in a poetic way, often has a surprising impact. How else could cherries, dust and chair win over hearts?


Artistic direction                   Cinthia Nisiyama

Dance and choreography     Cinthia Nisiyama / Bianca Sere Pulungan

Composition and guitar       Miguel / Joao Luis

Speaker                                  Maria Martin

Script                                      Elena Martin Casais

Designer                                 Marielle Eumann



01 October, 3 pm 

Kunsthaus Essen, Rübzahlstraße 33

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