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A very close look from far away

© Elnaz Seyedi

A very close look from far away is an audiovisual cooperation project between the composer Elnaz Seyedi (Folkwang University of the Arts), the sceneographer Andrea Baglione, and the AxisModula ensemble (Strasbourg). The 1-hour performance takes place at a meeting point between musical theatre and staged concert. It reflects on different aspects of space and processes these in an artistic way. At the core there is an encounter with "distance", experienced through the interplay between a microtonal composition for an ensemble (five instruments), scenic staging, a poem from the Iranian contemporary artist Sohrab Sepehri, and a video transmission.



04 July 2017, Pina-Bausch-Theater in Essen

05 July 2017, Kunst-Station Sankt Peter in Cologne

26 October 2017, Museum for Modern Arts in Strasbourg