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Students Discuss the City's Future

How can the Ruhr region benefit from the progress in digitisation? At the same time, what risks does it face?

to be debated workshop 2016 © ecce
© ecce

Those and more topics were considered by students from different faculties in Dortmund in November of 2016. The ecce-hosted workshop "to be debated THE DIGITIZED CITY", based on the eponymous publication, offered students the unique opportunity to debate potential and risks of digitalisation with author and urban researcher Charles Landry. After theoretically dissecting concepts such as "digital overload", "transformation of space in the digital era", "cities and algorithmic control" as well as "digitization as an extensive tool for bottom-up processes", the students came up with ideas for the practical application of digital innovation in the Ruhr region. At the workshop's close, the participants, under the direction of Charles Landry, authored a manifesto in which they endorsed a digitization actively shaped for the people.