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NICE Alumni Empower Parents ready to scale up

In 2017, the Spanish Project Empower Parents won the third prize of the NICE Award for bringing autistic children into museums. Now, they are looking for new collaboration Partners.

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In October, just after the NICE Award 2017, hablarenarte, the association in charge for "Empower Parents" started the fifth phase of the program 2017/2018. In this edition, a total of 20 families and more than 40 children participate and can visit the ICO museumand temporary exhibitions that are scheduled there. In this way, together with other families, they will explore the museum and creativity workshops will be held with the children, creating a stable network of work around the museums and ASD. Additionally, in order to extend the programme to other institutions and make these spaces more accessible and inclusive for all, a collaboration was established with Fundación Telefónica to schedule additional sessions in the exhibition halls of the entity. In this way, Empower Parents wants to increase the participation of new families and cultural spaces in Madrid.


This programme, promoted by hablarenarte and the ICO Foundation, is carried out monthly on a regular basis at the ICO museum and provides materials and resources to families with children with ASD to guarantee their access and participation in the culture. It is a pioneering social inclusion programme in Spain, in which families are the protagonists of the project and determine what is necessary to transform cultural spaces so that they become more open and accessible spaces. In the beginnings, along with hablarenarte and the Queens Museumin New York, two fundamental directions have been worked on, coinciding with the strategic lines of the project.


On the one hand, making spaces more accessible and, on the other, empowering families to make their own the space of the ICO Museum and the other institutions with which it collaborates. For this, their leadership is reinforced, with a greater role of the parents in the design of the activities, the evaluations of the sessions and in a large part of the development of the project.


Since the beginning of the project, hablarenarte established collaborations with different institutions such as the Thyssen Museum, Science Museum of Valladolid, the Costume Museum, Telefónica Foundation, Medialab Prado, the Energy Museum and so on.


Now, the association is looking for new partners and museums in the Ruhr Region and beyond. If you are interested in a collaboration, please get in contact with ecce.