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New partner joins the NICE Network

Västra Götaland county in south-west Sweden borders with its rugged coast on the sea to the west and over fertile, extensive agricultural land to lake Vättern in the east. Kultur i Väst is part of the Västra Götaland cultural administration.

© ecce/Creative Commons Barry Caruth

Kultur i Väst  is one of the cultural administrations of the Västra Götaland Region, which is commissioned by the European Council's Culture Committee and works together with local authorities, authorities and organizations on cultural issues. The essence of their work is to raise awareness of the role of culture and to re-establish culture in society. They create conditions for a consolidated cultural landscape by providing best practices, knowledge and skills, as well as creating networks. At the Culture & Society Department at Kultur i Väst we are committed to general values of art and culture and their impact on other areas of society, as well as the difference they can make in community development.


We are looking forward to a successful cooperation!