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New partner joins the NICE Network

Our new NICE Network member is a leading international expert on the creative economy, cultural and arts policy and creative cities and regions.

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Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy  is a leading international cultural and creative economy consultancy and research agency.

With offices in London, Porto and Nairobi, TFCC is playing a formative role in cultural and creative economy policy and strategy development across the world. Set up in 2002, TFCC offers strategy and policy leadership through research, evaluation, collaboration and advocacy. The consultancy offers technical expertise, strategic thinking and the tools to position culture and creativity at the heart of society. Central areas of expertise include high level policy and strategy for the cultural sector and creative economy; deep knowledge on the relationship between culture, creativity and economic development; thought leadership on creative city planning models; and unparalleled expertise in sector investment, mapping, clustering and the spillover effects  of the cultural and creative industries. Its portfolio spans over 80 countries, 200 cities and countless institutions and creative businesses. Clients include UNESCO, European Commission, World Bank, British Council and many governments and municipalities.

The portfolio is presented in detail here .

We are looking forward to a successful cooperation!