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Cultural feasting in the Prinz.Regent-Quartier

Theatre, bar, club, meeting place and Institute for Pop Music


© Sebastian Becker/ecce

Bochum and Detroit don't have anything in common? A different impression was had from a visit by Detroit's Mike Huckaby to the Ruhr region. Detroit ("Motor City") is recovering from decades of financial and structural problems caused by the loss of its automobile sector and is achieving this with the help of the creative scene. Something similar can also be observed in Bochum. Here it was the coal industry that disappeared but it is also the creative economy which is enabling the city to thrive again. The Prinz.Regent-Quartier is blossoming into a unique location of cultural diversity. Pivotal in this are people such as Romy Schmidt, Hans Nieswandt and Guy Dermosessian. Their ideas and locations, such as the PRINZREGENTTHEATER or the Institute for Popular Music at the Folkwang University, have made the arts an attraction for Bochum and beyond.