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European Research Partnership on Cultural and Creative Spillovers: New publications available!

The purpose of this new report, authored by Nicole McNeilly, is not simply to track the progress of the European Partnership since the initial TFCC 2015 report.

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It serves the following, more complex, research aims: it assesses the areas of spillover research promising to be the most productive and of impact – this is particularly important for new rising policy areas (such as knowledge and industry spillovers, and creative milieu and place branding); it assesses how evolving methodologies are being refined and directed as more effective research instruments – how do spillover research methods provide useful tools in understanding the value, impact and effects of the arts and culture in specific places? Do these evolving methods continue to cohere with the ‘holistic’ approach recommended by the TFCC 2015 report with its 17 identified spillover categories? Is the European Partnership  closer to identifying proven spillover effects, or are the ‘effects’ becoming diffuse and more complex? This present report also represents a key stage in the European Partnership's strategy for commissioning research.


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