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c/o – raum für kooperation

"We were looking for more than a regular office, we wanted a room for cooperation."


© Sebastian Becker/ ecce

The Bochumer Straße, Ückendorf's main thoroughfare, is adorned with period properties from better times, faded facades and working-class housing. In between are off-licenses, takeaway shops and Turkish supermarkets. Tramlines run through the road's centre; squeals from the underground line 302 can be heard in the distance. The Ückendorfer Straße is the next major road parallel to the Bochumer Straße. Same houses, same shops, same takeaways. This is the extent of Ückendorf located to the south of the Gelsenkirchen central rail station. There is not much to suggest a Creative.Quartier but a lot is happening even when unseen. One project is the c/o – raum für kooperation, a combination of offices, co-working spaces and event venue.