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Ministry for Family, children, youth, culture and sport

After the elections in 2010 the Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia was newly set up. With this restructuring all fields of the extracurricular education are combined in one ressort. The so called MFKJKS wants to give families, children and the youth optimal changes for an extensive education and social participation. Culture, cultural and political education, sports, voluntary work, child and youth work, education, teaching and childcare are playing central role.

Regionalverband Ruhr (Ruhr Regional Association)

The Ruhr Regional Association, with its offices in Essen, is the regional hub of the 11 independent municipalities and four districts of the Ruhr Metropolis with its approx. 5.2 million inhabitants.
The Ruhr Regional Association is responsible for the regional planning for the Ruhr region. It is the sponsor of significant infrastructure project such as the Industrial Heritage Trail and the Emscher Landscape Park. It maintains and preserves green open spaces for recreation and leisure. Source:

Cooperation Partners

DUtch Design Desk Europe

Located in the city of Maastricht Dutch Design Desk Europe will help Dutch firms of the creative sector (Design, Fashion, Architecture, New media, etc.) to find German business partners. Also, DDDE will gather all information and advice that firms are depending on as they develop cross-border business activities. Knowledge on legal, financial and cultural differences is crucial for firms that work across the borders. DDDE gathers this information specifically for the creative industry sector.

Forum d'Avignon

The Forum d'Avignon aims at strengthening the links between culture and the economy, suggesting subjects for reflection at local, global and European levels. The Forum d'Avignon was created after the ratification of the UNESCO convention on cultural diversity in 2008 and since its beginning has been backed by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. Every year the Forum organises, with its partners, international meetings which provide opportunities for unique discussions and exchanges between actors from the worlds of culture, economy and politics.

The Province of Limburg

Of the twelve Dutch provinces, Limburg is the most European of them all. They share more borders with Belgium and Germany than the rest of the Netherlands. Limburg is part of four European regions and together with their neighbouring countries Germany and Belgium they face challenges in a number of different areas. Given its strategic geographical position, Limburg is keen to develop within the European Union into a truly European region.
Limburg's economy is also closely knit with those of the surrounding areas in Belgium and Germany. Together with knowledge institutes and the province's business and industry community, Limburg is hard at work forging strong alliances between the education, science, government and business sectors within the region and beyond.
Read more about the Province of Limburg


The Wirtschaftsförderung metropoleruhr (wmr) is the regional business development corporation for the Ruhr region. Its role is, among other things, to market the Ruhr metropolis as a business location nationally and internationally, to highlight the economic strengths of the region and to develop new future-orientated themes of interest. Apart from central themes such as energy, logistics and mobility, this naturally also includes the creative industries. In its work on project development, location marketing and investor services, the wmr collaborates closely with various partners in the local authorities, associations, institutions and businesses. The CEO of wmr is Thomas Westphal.


Network Partners


C'n'B Creativity & Business Convention in Cologne is an international forum for the creative industries that was held for the first time in June 2010 with the support of ecce. The convention is embedded in the c/o pop Festival - an urban festival for music and pop culture.

Dortmunder U

The former fermenting and storage house of the Dortmunder Union Breweries, long protected as a historic monument, has been transformed into the "Dortmunder U - Centre for Art and Creativity". In a unique mixture of art, research, cultural education and creative industry, events, exhibitions and various cultural offerings are presented here to a broad public in an inclusive cultural concept. The Webcam and further information are available here.

Tradefair: gut. Die Messe

Sustainability – in an ecological, economic and social sense – is a guiding principle for a future-oriented society in Germany. gut. Die Messe, a tradefair which is unique in NRW and took place for the first time in 2012, explores the various facets of sustainable development, sustainable production, sustainable distribution and new forms of sustainability using utility design for home accessories, fashion and decorations as an example. In addition, it addresses the aspect of sustainable consumption.



Since 2009 Creative.NRW builts bridges between the creative economy and other industries, facilitates contacts and knowledge. The target is to visualize the growth potential of the the creative businesses and entrepreneurs of North Rhine-Westphalia both within Germany and internationally. To strengthen sustainable the competitiveness of the self-employeds and companies of this sector is also an aim. This objective will pursue by creating interdisciplinary exchange, spreading information, contributing topics in the social dialogue and holding personal talks.

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