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Creative.Quarters Ruhr

The Ruhr district is a conurbation with large creative potential, which can be seen clearly at some places already. This task is to exploit this potential and make it politically aware, in order to ensure living quality and sustainability for the conurbation Ruhr permanently. >>READ MORE

Forum d'Avignon Ruhr

The Forum d’Avignon Ruhr is a partnership between ecce and the Forum d’Avignon. The aim of the cooperation is to shape policies and to provide an internationally significant contribution for the mastering of today’s challenges by bringing leading figures of different working fields together. >>READ MORE


To position the Ruhr area as a location for creativity in Europe, ecce is involved in European partnerships and networks. Thanks to the continuous exchange of knowledge between Europe and the Ruhr region and a representation in EU bodies the cultural industry can be strengthened. >>READ MORE

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