ecce - european centre for creative economy

Contemporary Art Ruhr

With the contemporay art ruhr (C.A.R.) a successful and highly recognised art fair  has established itself in about a few years. The art fair takes place at the World Heritage Site Zollverein twice a year. C.A.R. is presenting the media art fair in summer and in autumn the innovative art fair.


The C'n'B Creativity & Business Convention Cologne is an international forum for the creative industries and was held for the first time from 23 to 25 June 2010. Since then ecce has been involved in this forward-looking forum for NRW as a concept and media partner.

European culture & Creative Industries Summit (ECCI)

The ECCI Summit is the first Brussels-based platform for dialogue between politicians and the creative industries. Its goal is to improve the legal, economic and social framework conditions for this innovative growth industry. It is held once a year to give leading European representatives of the creative sector and political world an opportunity to discuss the latest developments in the cultural and creative industries. The main topic of the 3rd ECCI conference is "Living the Creative Economy in Europe".

Europe in Shorts

EUROPE IN SHORTS is an Internet exhibition of European short films presented on the interactive web TV platform "2010lab". With the Internet as its medium, this project reveals the diversity of European film culture. Further information about the project are available here.

Jazzwerkruhr & Jazzplayseurope

The lively jazz scene in the Ruhr metropolis harbours great potential. It has been the aim of jazzwerkruhr, the central regional platform for professional jazz, to find, support and present these talents since 2002. Further information about the project are available here.

Creative.Quarters Ruhr - Free Initiatives

The project Creative.Quarters RUHR has since 2009 worked on finding and supporting free urban space for artists and creative people. The so-called creative quarters do not only vary from town to town and in dependence on their history, but also involve different players. Here we present you the free initiatives.


A significant bottom-up strategy of ecce is the initiation of regional industry commissions. These commissions are initially deliberately informal in structure and are then formalised and structured according to requirements and the wishes of the entrepreneurs involved. Information are available here.

URBANATIX - Street Art & World Artistic

As traceurs, free-runners, trickers, break-dancers and bikers young talented artists are training in the Marienkirche in Bochum and are presenting together with world-class artists the breathtaking multimedia artistic show "Urbanatix" on the stage of one of Europe´s most extraordinary venues, the Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum. 

Why Are You Creative?

"Why are you creative?" presents the inspiration and motivation of creative people in the world from a diversity of disciplines such as art, design, architecture, film, literature, photography, fashion, music, politics, science, business and religion. The project is a voyage of discovery into the many facets of creativity: artistic, intellection, philosophical, political and scientific.

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